Dr. Mohammad Kermanshahi's Educational-Medical Hospital


Dr. Mohammad Kermanshahi's children's sub-specialty hospital officially began working in March, 2011. This hospital is located in central Kermanshah city, benefiting from its location. Specialty and sub-specialty services in various fields of pediatrics and neonatal care are offered in this center to the age range from one-day infants to 14-year-old children.

All the clinical and para-clinical units and wards of this center are fully operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using the world's most advanced facilities of medical science. There are surgical, oncology, internal medicine, neonatal, thalassemia, hemophilia wards, operating rooms, and intensive care units NICU and PICU. Moreover, the clinical and paraclinical units including laboratory, pathology, radiology and CT scan, medical ultrasound and children's endoscopy unit are providing services to the esteemed clients using the world's most advanced medical facilities.


International Patient Department

International Patient Department (Health Tourism) consists of two wards, namely surgery and oncology and is prepared to provide services to the patients and clients from neighboring countries.

This department is equipped with VIP facilities for admitting foreign nationals and uses welfare and medical facilities as well as qualified medical team for these patients.

This center's specialty and sub-specialty services of International Patient Department for foreign nationals include various sub-specialty pediatric surgeries, cosmetic surgeries, treatment of refractory diseases of blood and hematology, as well as all clinical and para-clinical services.


A Summary of International Patient Department (Health Tourism) Duties

·        Welcoming international patients arriving at the hospital

·        Answering foreign patients' questions via telephone, email or asked in person

·        Guiding and monitoring the affairs of foreign patients at the time of admission until discharging from the hospital

·        Help in translation and communication of international patients with medical team and nurses

·        Coordinating with the appropriate physician as early as possible

·        Estimating the approximate cost of treatment, justifying and announcing to the patient and companions

·        Recording the international patients information in Health Tourism system

The Purpose of the Establishment of International Patient Department

·        Providing high-quality satisfying services to foreign patients

·        Monitoring and coordinating in order to provide services to foreign patients as early as possible

·        Full observance of medical ethics and principles and rules of professional conduct

·       Increasing the international patient satisfaction and improving the quality of services


Address :

Helal Ahmar Cross

Mosavari St


Hospital Tel: 0098-83-37218204-6

Office Tel: 0098-83-37218203