1. Introduction

The International Patient Department ward was opened on March, 2011 in order to provide services to international patients.

Hospital View2  

It is located on the first floor, in front of the surgical ward. There are two rooms, each filled with one single-bed along with a seating area for companions. Each room has a fridge, TV, Wi-Fi, Telephone and a food menu for patients and companions.
You will benefit from the following services at the Mohammad Kermanshahi
International Hospital:

         Answering to all medical questions before and during the treatment and also after the Patient discharge.

         Doing all the arrangement for visits, operation dates and the admissions between all doctors and the international patients by the department.

         Preparing and presenting cost estimate and final bill for given services and also answering to financial questions.

         Presenting all hotel services for your comfort: a furnished room, Telephone, Wi-Fi and TV -In the guest house with separate suites- For patients and companions.

         Handling Polls and Complaints.

         All physicians are fluent in English and will teach you if you wish.

         Providing facilities in order to fulfill your worship needs.



2. Floor/section guide

First floor

Operation room - CSSD - PICU - NICU - oncology - Thalassemia - Insurance experts - Patient Safety Improvement office - Complaints Handling Unit - Patient education unit - In-service training.

Ground Floor

Chief’s office- Management Administrative Affairs - Finance and Accounting - Secretariat - The security office - Reception and information - Clearance - Employment - Medical Records Office - Bank - Nursing Office - Neonatal Unit - Library & Training - Cloakroom - Specialist Clinic - Copy Unit - Assistance - Environmental Health - Home Office - Nutritionist - Brain Tape (EEG).


Emergency - Endoscopy - Laboratory - Radiology - Outpatient pharmacy - Hospitalization and drug warehouse - Psychiatric ward - Prayer room - Kitchen - Laundry - Corpse morgue.

-2 floor

Logistics - Facility - Services - Medical Equipment - IT - Vehicle - Waste disposal - Central warehouse


3. Operation room

Operation room, located on the first floor, has 4 active surgical beds and 5 recovery beds. Super-specialized pediatric operation include ENT specialized surgeries (and also tonsillectomy), nasal fracture, nasal aberration, sinus endoscopy, rhinoplasty, ear surgery, thyroid surgery, thyroidectomy, laryngeal surgery, tracheostomy, laryngoplasty, laryngectomy; and specialized jaw operation include: jaw reconstruction, jaw fractures, extracting impacted teeth, jaw and facial cosmetic surgeries and etc.

Operation Room  

General and reconstructive plastic surgeries include: laparoscopy, pilonidal sinus, cholecystectomy, nail excision, axillary lymph node resection, ependectomy, inguinal hernia, abdominal hernia, umbilical hernia, hydrocele, varixol, treatment of obesity through gastric surgery.

The 24 hour center is ready to perform all emergency operations mentioned above.


It is located on the first floor. The main lounge consists of 11 beds and an isolated room and a 4-bed room. This section has 9 ventilators.


All beds are equipped with monitoring, central oxygen system and static, X-ray, portable ultrasound and vein finders.

5. Oncology/ hematology

The oncology and hematology department is on the first floor. This section has 10 rooms and 26 beds. (Four rooms filled with one single-bed, one room filled with two beds and other five rooms are filled with 4 beds).


Blood injection Chemotherapy, Platelet injection, AIV and Enzyme injection are all done in this section.


The section has 2 public bathrooms, 4 isolated rooms with bathrooms, chemotherapy Room, one playroom with kids’ playing equipment, one D/C Shock device, one ECG, 6 Pump Serum, one chemotherapy Hood and one shaker.



6. Emergency ward

Located on the basement, the only pediatric emergency center is to provide 24-hour service to all patients. There are 6 inpatient beds, 6 outpatient beds, 7 isolated rooms, one emergency room for ENT patients and CPR room to revive patients in need of resuscitation. 


7. PICU 1/2

 The intensive care of this center was opened in 2011. It’s located on the first floor, opposite the operating room.


You will benefit from services and equipments mentioned bellow:

·        13 active beds

·        One isolated room, 8 hospital pediatric bed.

·        One portable echocardiography device.

·        One portable EEG and ECG device.

·        One x-ray device equipped with PACS system.

·        One resuscitation device for every 7 beds complete central control of patients.

·        8 ventilators.

·        8 serum pumps and 8 syringe pumps.

·        One D/C shock device.


Address :

Helal Ahmar Cross

Mosavari St


Hospital Tel: 0098-83-37218204-6

Office Tel: 0098-83-37218203